What if you could digitize any type of value?

And use that value as a payment

What would that be?

110 Million American adults

say they have swapped cash and credit for digital wallets.

Are you Integrated for the future?


We apply blockchain technology and machine learning to create access to new digital currencies and transform any currency as we send it.

Digital Asset Traders, Savvy Investors and those that are simply Financially Curious all have the same opportunity to build their unique digital wallet.


1. Your wallet has changed

Innovation is changing the way we use traditional currency. 80 million of you tell us that you use digital wallets because they’re a more convenient option than carrying around dollar bills and credit cards. We believe there are more than dollar bills and credit cards to keep in your new wallet.

2. We are all different

72% percent of you 18+ in the United States have indicated that you don’t own Bitcoin and have no interest in purchasing in the future. So we decided to give you more stable digital currency that earns interest.

3. What did we miss?

We want to hear from you on what you need where and when you need it.

Onsa Early Access
Launching fall 2020


NMLS Number: 1769744